Monday, January 21, 2008

13 month update

A lot has happened in the past few weeks.

Abbie went to the zoo, again.

We finally picked out and purchased a new sofa for our living room.

Ed cleaned the carpets and Abbie and I went to Duluth to visit Grandparents.

Abbie got another two teeth and learned how to point out her eyes, mouth, head along with her nose, ear, and hair.

She talks ALOT, mainly babble, but she says down, mama, hi, bye, all gone, dog, cup, cat, bird along with a few other words we cannot remember at the moment!

She knows one baby sign - more (which she actually does incorrectly, but at elast she is consistant about it!).

She EATS A LOT, mainly solid finger foods, but she still loves her baby food squash and sweet potatotes. Her favorites are peas, grean beans, carrots, bananas, apples. She isn't a big fan of anything resembuling meat and hates juice. We tried to give her chocolate milk today and that didn't go over to well either. I swear if she didn't look like Ed and I, we'd wonder who this child belonged to!

Abbie finally gave up the bottle and is 100% drinking from a cup (YIPPPPEEE!!!).

And...she has definately gained some weight and we turned the car seat forward facing! FINALLY! (she is just starting to grown out of some of her 9-12 month clothes.

Abbie began climbing up on a basket (no big boo-boos...yet.)

And ate spaghetti for the first time using her own spoon. WOW. Wasn't that a mess!
Well...that is all for today! But I think that is a lot!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Friday, January 04, 2008

I'm working on it...really.

It is official. Our 'holiday season' is FINALLY over! Everyone gave us all such great presents, we love everything! And I swear, I am working on those thank you cards...really I am! I hope to have them out shortly, but Thank you Everyone for all of the fabulous gifts! (We have already taken over 500 pictures on our brand new Digital SLR camera!!)
We also want to thank everyone that has bought us diapers this first year, it is greatly appreciated! We had to buy diapers for the first time this past weekend and we realized just how great this has been. Thank you Everyone (especially the Grandmas!).
More to come soon...