Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Bunny Day

Abbie had a great weekend. It all began with another trip to the doctor....just her 15 month well visit. We are beginning to think that these 'well-visits' are becoming quite a nuisance. Abbie must be thinking the same thing, she WAILED as soon as the doctor entered the room. She cried and cried the whole time! It was a new doctor and she seemed very nice, but Abbie didn't like her one bit!

Abbie's 15 month stats -

21 lbs 6 oz - 25th percentile
30 inches - 25th percentile
49 cm head circumference - 75th percentile (apparently all of the food she is eating is going to her head!)

The weekend was fun for everyone. Ed and I went to the Men's WCHA Hockey Tournament at the Xcel Energy Center. We watched Ed's beloved Gophers make it to the Championship game (very unexpected). During this time Abbie got to spend some quality time with both of her grandmothers.

The weekend ended with an Easter brunch at Pannekouken with the Maki grandparents and Uncle Mike. Abbie stole the show by amazing everyone with how much food she can eat in one meal!
Nice Eagle (Abbie speak = Ogle)

Ahhh...aahhhhh! Look at all of my teeth - 16 of them!

What did I get in my Easter Bucket?

Goldfishes - these are my Favorite! Thanks Auntie Priscilla!


Look - Mama and Papa got me hockey (Ock-Key) sticks!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The next Gilmore Girl?

Granny Maki - This one's just for you....

Coffee please. You think I'm kidding?

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Better behaved at Daycare?

The last few days have been very insight full for us parents in the Baggenstoss household. We have come to find out that Abbie has some interesting behaviors at daycare.
  • Abbie does not throw her food on the floor during meal/snack time.
  • Abbie does not climb up on the furniture.
  • Abbie tells other kids to "sit down" when they try to climb up on furniture.
  • Abbie organizes and puts all of the toys away in their correct places on the shelves, even if other kids were playing with the toys.
  • Abbie loves to see baby "Bella" and quietly stand next to her when she is sleeping in the swing.

Things Abbie does at home.

  • Abbie throws food on the floor during meal/snack time.
  • Abbie tries to climb up on furniture.
  • Abbie has a blank stare on her face when you ask her to put her toys way back on the shelf.
  • Abbie does not allow mama to sleep on the couch on the weekends, instead gives her a head butt to announce her presence.

Huh. Interesting.