Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I has been awhile...

I know, I know, I has been awhile. And when I say that things really haven't changed much around here, that really isn't true! The only thing that remains constant is the time Abbie goes to be every night - between 5:30pm and 6:15pm - like clock work and regardless of what else is going on in the wold. Id doesn't matter that the Severe Weather Sirens are bearing or that the neighbors kids are having a water fight in the alley, Abbie will sleep right through all of the commotion.
The only exception to the rule (thus far) was several weeks ago when Abbie made it through her school's 'program' without a major meltdown. Ed and I were very nervous for said program because it began at 6pm, which if you were paying close attention, is right at her bedtime. We debated if we should even allow Abbie to attend this event because it was going to be so late at night, but we decided live dangerously and let her 'perform' with her friends.
The program consisted of 13 minutes and 43 seconds of the kids all lined up on stage with somewhat blank stares on their faces while their teachers sang their songs very loudly in the back ground. Nothing exciting happened. Thankfully. It was fairly boring, but entertaining at some level (ok, was only slightly amusing if it was your kid up there!). We won't bore you with the video, but here is a picture -

"I really am the shortest kid in the class."

The only other exciting thing is that Abbie's vocabulary has EXPLODED over the past few weeks. Yesterday on the way home, Abbie saw a man on a bicycle and she said to me "I wanna Bike." ( wasn't with the best annunciation, but she did say those three words in sentence form). I was flabbergasted. I didn't even know that she knew what a bike was, much less ask for one! Unfortunately, I don't think they make bikes and bike helmets to fit her..she is so darn short! I keep waiting for her 18 month growth will arrive at just the same time as her hair -poor girl!

This past weekend Ed took Abbie to La Crosse to visit Grandparents Ellen and Steve while I stayed home to finish on a paper for school and do some much needed projects around the house. She had fun. I did not, but we both survived being way from one another and it was a good trail run before we go on our vacation next week.

Showing off my marching skills. Just wait until I do the 'Funky Chicken'.

"Here we go again. Papa's idea of amusement."

"Ahh..Magic Mountain, here I come!"

Aren't we cute! Grandpa Steve, Grandma Ellen, Sophie and Abbie.