Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Lots and Lots of Updates

First I have to apologize for not updating this blog for quite some time. I (Sarah) have recently began graduate school! YIPPEEE! I am attending Minnesota School of Business pursing an MBA degree. We decided that since Abbie goes to bed between 5:30pm and 6:30pm each night, now is probably a good time to take on this grand adventure.

So they think this is a good idea, huh?

Other than that, things have been pretty quiet. Well...except for the fact that -

  • Abbie must only wear big girl shoes
  • We finally bought Abbie her own chair (about time Mom and Dad)

  • Followed by purchasing her own table and chair set. All of a sudden the house seems filled with toys!
  • Abbie has constant bad hair days - I just don't want to cut it! It has taken 16 months to get this long!
  • You thought they were kidding, didn't you?

  • Abbie has her first 'boy-friend' to whom she does not actually interact with him but she also doesn't want to be 5 inches from him when he is around (yes, that's a toy G-U-N, but don't tell anyone, especially Sarah. Abbie is a 'Protecting Minneapolis - One Park at a Time'

  • Abbie FINALLY had an enjoyable time on the swings at the park (after months of trying to convince her it really was fun, her 'boy-friend' convinced her by laughing at his own enjoyment - I swear! If Bry likes it than Abbie will too!)

  • Abbie kind had fun playing in the sand - Ed is so proud!

I promise that I will continue to update this blog...Maybe Ed will even add a post or two.

A Happy Birthday - Shout Out!

Have some cake for me!

Abbie wants to say Happy Birthday to her 'Auntie's' Jules and Amy!