Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A tooth!

Abbie officially has her very 1st tooth! We are so excited. It popped through this past week and (thankfully!!!) she hasn't been to cranky.

Abbie is also starting to sit (kinda) and has found her feet...which makes diaper changing quite challenging at times.

We are all so excited that the weather is starting to get a bit warmer since we will be able to go for walks more and more.

~Sarah, Ed and Abbie

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Abigail Update....4 months

Hello everyone. We cannot believe that Abbie is 4 months old already! I, sadly, have to go back to work exactly one month from today. I am not thrilled, but we did find a day care that we like (and won't totally break the bank), so it makes it a bit better.

Abbie went to the Dr. today for her 4 month check-up and shots (yikes, she could only get two out of the four she needed today, so we'll have the pleasure of going back at the end of the week..thankfully they don't seem to affect her too much). She weighed 14lbs 10oz and was 25 inches long. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! This is up 3lbs 3oz and almost 3 inches from two months ago. WOW! She is such a happy baby!

Today was also a great day for Abbie as she grabbed her foot with her hand for the first time AND she giggled, a real laughy giggle! It was GREAT!

Abbie is really doing well and we love her to pieces!

More updates soon...since Abbie is changing more and more these days.


Sarah, Ed and Abbie...oh and Chelsea too.

PS> Feel free to leave comments, I tend to run out of things to say, so if anyone wants to leave a comment/question..please do!


Top to Bottom
#1: Abbie 1 day old
#2: Abbie 4 months
#3: Abbie Flying...she likes it! Doesn't her hair look RED!
#4: Abbie playing in her activity Gym, looking inquisitively

Monday, April 02, 2007

Visit to Duluth

Abigail and I took our first overnight trip together to Duluth. It was great fun. We left last Thursday and came home yesterday (Sunday). It was a long weekend, but a good one. We stopped in Barnum and met some of my mom's (Granny Maki) friends, they were all excited to meet Abbie. Later that night, Abbie met her Great-Grandmother Verna. On Friday, Abbie and I went over to my friend Tiffany's house and meet the newest addition to their house, Berkley...he is tiny! I know it sounds crazy, but I can't believe that Abbie was that small and it's only been 4 months!
On Saturday we went to Grand Rapids and had lunch with Great-Grandmother Prokosch. The Maki Grandparents and Uncle Mike had a wonderful time with Abbie and were very sad to see us leave. I was very sad to leave as well and wish I could have stayed a bit longer, but Ed was missing Abbie sooooo much. I think Abbie had a good time traveling and only had two mini meltdowns.

It seems that Abbie and Chelsea missed each other this weekend. Chelsea pouted and moped around all weekend and she was very happy to see Abbie when we got home. Chelsea licked Abbie's face like crazy. Then later that night, Abbie seemed equally excited to see Chelsea and even started "talking to her". She watched Chelsea walk around and tried to get her attention, very loudly. It was very funny. Ed and I were surprised, but of course we missed getting it on video!

Overall, Abbie does very well in the car, but the weekend was a bit too much for her and next time I'll make sure she gets a little bit more quiet time (live and learn!). We don't have any plans for this weekend, but it should be pretty quiet we hope.

Wish everyone well,

Sarah, Ed and Abigail
Picture 1: Ed and Abbie making kissing faces for the camera
Picture 2: 4 Generation Picture, mom's side (Prokosch)