Friday, February 23, 2007

A Happy Abigail...

Just wanted to share a picture of the little Abbie smiling. She really is a sweetheart! Abbie is really starting to become a fun little baby..she smiles all the time and has a cute little giggle/laugh. She coos a lot and it is funny when she tries to imitate what we are saying because she ends up blowing spit bubbles! She is becoming quite the little drooler too...which I swear she is starting to get a tooth, even though I know it is way too early for that!

Hope everyone is well.

Sarah, Ed and Abigail

Friday, February 09, 2007

Abbie Update - 2 Months!!!

Abbie is 2 months old already. We cannot believe it! She went to the Dr yesterday for her first shots (owww!), cried like crazy and slept most of the evening away, but seemed to recover quite well from all the trauma!

Abbie weighed in at 11lbs 7.5oz and 22 1/4 inches long. She is doing great! She is such a cutie. Abbie is smiling and cooing and almost laughs, it is cute. Abbie also sleeps in her crib, in her OWN room! Ed and I weren't getting any sleep because she is such a LOUD sleeper, snorts and grunts and gurgles all night long! Fortunately, the transition from cradle in our room to crib in her own room went fairly smooth, but we are waiting for the day to come when she doesn't want to be in there alone (but for now we all enjoy it!). Abbie sleeps about 6-7 hours straight every night, so we are all getting enough sleep.

Abbie loves her play gym and squeaks at the blinking lights on the musical star. Her own little personality is starting to shine through and we think she is going to be an active little girl (hopefully she'll whip us all into shape and we can shed a few pounds!)

Oh..and the ankle is doing MUCH better. I can walk now without a limp and I am back to running up and down the stairs 800 times a day (those stairs are a GREAT workout!). Now if it would just warm up Abbie and I will be able to start a workout routine...we'll probably go back to mall walking for now (which is actually quite interesting, but easy to spend a lot of money if you aren't careful...key is to keep the wallet in the car!).

We wish everyone well!

More soon...
Love, The Fam
Pictures: 1st pic is of Abbie finally falling asleep after spending the day with the Maki Grandparents and Uncle Mike. She was showing off all day, smiling and googling, but as soon as they left Abbie was out cold. (she looks like she's thinking "Oh my goodness, finally some peace and quiet!")
2nd pic is of Abbie smiling up at her Papa after having some lunch this afternoon, 2/11.