Monday, March 16, 2009


Need I say more?

Monday, March 09, 2009

A much needed update....

A lot has happened in the month (or so) since I last updated this little blog. All of which is fairly unexciting or those thing we do not care to remember (crabby Abbie and illnesses).

Daylight savings has brought the Baggenstoss Household a lot of excitement, mainly because we survived today and Abbie was in a better mood than she has in weeks! The day began at a decent hour yesterday followed by bedtime at the normal hour (adjusted time even!). This morning was a little touch and go but for the most part the day was a good one. Abbie came home from school in an excellent mood and we are all glad to have this years 'spring ahead' out of the way.

We are looking forward to the weather warming up and the snow melting over the next few weeks. Abbie is too, just look at her poor snowsuit! Not only is it getting a bit small but we cannot seem to locate matching accessories which just makes her look silly!

What? I'm still cute. And I'm getting cooold!
We are all looking forward to warmer days ahead. Our options of activities will be much more...well, less dorky anyways!

Hat Day at the Baggenstoss House (pre-morning hours)

Reading during Hat Day

Our other big news is that Abbie has begun potty training! All in all it is going.........ok. Yes, just OK. Stickers, M&Ms, charts, and other glorious incentives here we come! Now if we could just get Abs to grow another 5 inches, it'd make things much easier! :-)