Saturday, July 22, 2006


Chelsea is very excited to have another addition to the family. She probably wishes it were of the 4 legged variety, but we think she will get along just fine.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Ultrasound Pics 20 Wks

Left: Baby Baggs sucking it's thumb (already just like Mom!)

Below: Baby Baggs profile shot, isn't that cute!

Wedding Photo

This is where is all started, our wedding Day April 5, 2002.

We have a BLOG!

Well. We finally did it. We jumped on the BLOG bandwagon! That's ok though because we have too many family and friends that live out of town/state and we really want to keep in touch. I truly tried to create our own "personal web page"...Time Warner provides free web space, but there is one catch...ya have to know HTML code! Um yeah, I'm not quite that computer literate.

SO...we now have an outlet to share all of our big news to everyone we know...thanks to T who suggested the site! You really are the best.

In case anyone who is reading this doesn't know, Ed and I are expecting our first child December 4th, 2006. We are both extremely excited and everything is going well. We had an Ultrasound a few days ago and we did find out the sex, however...we won't post the sex of the baby on this site because some people don't want to know (I don't know how you can handle the suspense!).

Ok that is all for now..There will be more later..I promise!

Sarah and Ed