Monday, November 19, 2007

And I forgot to mention...

Abbie finally has enough hair to put in a cute little 'Pebbles'- like pony. She now has 10 teeth (two more on top over the past couple of weeks and I swear 2 more are just about ready to break through on the bottom). AND she is walking like a's a little snippet.

Busy Day!

Abbie had a very busy day....

First she finally figured out how to hold the cup herself (although daycare says she's been doing it there for ages!).
"I could do it all along!"
Then she read a book...
went for a walk....
laughed and giggled...
went upstairs to play in her room......
played with some toys...walked around for a little bit.....
looked for some new toys to play with (ok..looked for dust bunnies).....
and finally....sat down to rest.
WHEW! One day with Abbie can be pretty tiring.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Just like Mamma.

"Just a minute...almost done."

Friday, November 09, 2007

Back to Normal

Well, things seem to be back to normal in the Baggenstoss house. Abbie is now going to bed after 6pm and Ed isn't quite as crabby at the early setting sun.

Last weekend we were able to get in both a walk and a visit to the Motorcycle store. Of course, Abbie had a blast at the Motorcycle store, but I think it is more because of all the shinny chrome and not the actual motorcycles (although Ed strongly disagrees with me!).

Abbie had a blast in her stroller walking...she was all smiles!

"Hello Papa!"


"Still not sure about this grass stuff."
Abbie still doesn't really know what to think of the ground and grass. She loves to pull the grass out of the ground, but other than that she really doesn't do anything else or even move from the spot she is sitting. Hopefully, for Dad's sake, she is a little bit more outdoorsy than her mom...I guess we'll see!

Can't You Read My Shirt?

"I said READ it!"

Monday, November 05, 2007

Daylight Savings, what?

Not only does Ed complain EVERY SINGLE year daylight savings time rolls around, but this year proves to be especially difficult to deal with. Not only is Ed complaining about the early darkness, but Abbie doesn't seem to be dealing well either. Last night and tonight she has gone to bed at 5:30pm. We thought that her normal 6:15pm - 6:45pm bed time was a bit early and now it is even earlier! Hopefully she adjusts in a few days and we get to see some of Abbie's walking (ok, stumbling).

" "

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Babble..Babble..and more Babble

Just a quick update. Today Abbie said "Bye" for the first time (she already says "hi", "Dada" and "mum")! I was picking her up from school today and just we were waving our goodbye's to the ladies and she just said it! It was pretty cute! The head teacher got all excited, much like when she walked for the first time for them. It is nice to have another word into Abbie's new, and very short, vocabulary.