Saturday, August 26, 2006


Today we started to paint the baby's room.
When we moved into our house a little over a year ago we painted the soon-to-be baby's room a nice beige color. We did a horrible job, which we think is mainly because we really weren't in the mood to paint, but because the room had been MINT GREEN we had no other choice! So, we started with a off-white color which turned out to be way too light. We then went to this nice beige color. When we found out that we were pregnant we decided to keep the beige color because it was a nice neutral color. At first we weren't going to paint, but then when we emptied out the room and took down the pictures we decided to just go ahead and paint it again because we had extra paint left over. Unfortunately, we didn't have enough paint....No problem we thought. We have the cover that has the color information, so we just went to the store and got small can of the paint...No problem! When we got home it was the absolutely WRONG color. We had no idea what had happened. The store was really busy earlier that day, so we thought that maybe they had screwed up. Nope...Not them. Come to find out a couple hours later and yet a different gallon of paint later. That we had actually mixed the lids on the paint can. We put the lid from the FIRST attempt on the can that we actually used on the walls. The kicker to the whole thing is that we realized our mistake at the time and instead of changing the lids...we just kept the other lid...on another shelf of our paint cabinet. We are idiots sometimes when it comes to painting!
Unfortunately, a two hour project just turned into a 2 day project!

Sunday, August 06, 2006


Nothing much new has been going on here. It has been pretty hot lately and we have been keeping pretty quiet these days. Just the thought of it only being 85 degrees made Ed want to open the windows, so we did! It is a lot less humid today, so it really isn't bad.

Started feeling the Baby Baggs over the last week, nothing too consistent and thankfully the kicks and twists haven't been brutal. Over the next several weeks the kicks and jabs should become more pronounced and consistent, which I am looking forward to because it means that Ed should finally be able to feel and see it.

More updates to come.....

Sarah and Ed.