Sunday, March 25, 2007


It's amazing how much changes in one little week. Last Saturday the Gophers beat UND in OVERTIME to win the WCHA Tournament title. Well, overtime wouldn't help the MN Golden Gophers today in the Men's Hockey NCAA tournament, but this time they lost to UND!. Ah well...Ed is bummed, but there is always next year!

Abbie and I are going to Duluth this week! YIPPEE!! It is going to be our first trip just the two of us AND it is going to be Abbie's first overnight trip! We are excited!

Not too much new here. We are all doing good and Abbie is getting bigger every day. We think she weighs about 14.5lbs right now (we are both too afraid to get on the scale alone, much less get on it with Abbie!). We have been enjoying the summer-like weather by taking walks around the lake and neighborhood. Today it was in the mid-70's and we were able to take Abbie out with just a short sleeved jacket! It was great!

Hope everyone is well...



Sunday, March 18, 2007

Busy Weekends...

We've had a busy couple of weeks! We took Abbie on her first long car ride to LaCrescent, MN (by LaCrosse, WI in Southern Minnesota) to visit the Sundstrom Grandparents. The trip was a lot of fun and Abbie had a blast!

This weekend both Grandma's came and spent a day with Abbie while Ed and I went to the WCHA Final 5 Hockey was great fun for everyone! It was the first time I had been away from Abbie for any length of time and I actually did quite well. Both Grandma's had a good time hanging out with Abbie.

Abbie and I are planning our first overnight trip to Duluth in two weeks and we cannot wait! I am excited because I get to meet the newest addition to the Messel clan that arrived on St. Patty's day! I am SOO EXCITED!

Love you all,
The Fam.
Top: Abbie getting ready for an afternoon of shopping. She likes spending Papa's money too.
Bottom: Abbie all dressed up to watch the Gophers on TV.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Abigail update...3 months

WOW! We cannot believe that little Abbie is already 3 months old! It seems like it was just yesterday that she came into this world (except we are getting MUCH MORE sleep these days!).

Abbie is doing great. We suspect that she is about 13-14lbs and around 23 inches long. Abbie is becoming much more fun...she is all smiles most of the time and giggles when she eats (which makes feeding time much more interested..and long!). She just started growing out of her 0-3 month clothes! Now if I could only lose weight as fast as she is gaining it!!!

Yesterday, Abbie started rolling over from her front to her back. She is making tummy time more interesting. Abbie also started paying attention to Chelsea and even started smiling at her and following her when she walks (or runs) by! Abs and Chels are going to be great pals when Abbie starts to be more mobile. Abbie can hold her head up pretty good now and is funny to see that she actually has a neck (her double chin isn't nearly as big as her moms, thank god!).

Only 2 more months until I have to go back to work, bummer. We found a good daycare that we like in our neighborhood. It feels great to know where she is going to be but is going to break the bank because good daycare is soo darn expensive in the cities, but we have seen that you do get what you pay for.

Hope everyone is doing well!

~Sarah, Ed and Abigail

Friday, March 02, 2007

Snow..Snow...go away!

Well, Abbie has now experienced her first snow storm...well kinda. We just received about 12 inches of fresh fluffy snow and Abbie is absolutely oblivious. Yesterday we attended our 'Mom and Baby' class as normal and I drove in this horrible snow. The drive wasn't too bad yet and we just took it easy. It must not have been too bad because the instructor and all the other moms were there (that or we just needed to get out of the house that bad!). Abbie slept in the car and didn't have a clue as to what was going on outside.

Abigail is doing great! She is getting bigger every day and we cannot wait until she can go outside and play. She is starting to roll over on her side quite consistently...gotta really keep a hand on her during diaper changes, she is so squirmy! Almost grown out of all of her 0-3 month clothes! YIPPEE!

Hope you are all doing well!


The Family

PS. Happy 2nd Birthday to MacKenzie! Sorry we couldn't make it, but we'll see you soon!!
**Picture** Ed calls this picture "Jazz Hands"!