Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just doing a little research

It seems as though Abbie's developmental milestones have been slowing in the past few months, at least those we want to talk (ok, brag) about have slowed. No one wants to hear about how Abbie pushes our buttons, whines, and throws temper tantrums in attempt to get her way. yes, she is definitely a 2 year old!

Abbie started a new daycare almost a month ago now and is finally enjoying going to the new 'school'! We can tell that she is enjoying the new school as much, if not more, than the old one because she is sleeping better at night and in the morning calls us this way "Mama, lets get up to go to schoolooo! Mama, get up!"

Abbie still loves to read and when she isn't reading Dick and Jane or Curious George, she is doing research for Papa's new motorcycle which he plans (hopes) on purchasing this summer.

"Honda or Suzuki?"